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Guest Party Favors: Potted Succulents Predisposed by their punctiliousness, lots of ISTJs are understandably house-proud.Now your guests can take home a plant that tastefully enhances their own spaces, and requires very minimal watering (for those friends less responsible than you.)Dessert: Wine-Inspired Wedding Cake If a Hallmark card features cheese and chocolate, you can bet there's a wine glass on there too.You’ve heard it from your pals about dating before: “They’re great… ” Though used as an easy excuse to break up with a partner everyone loves, the popular expression actually holds major literal meaning.Turns out your “type” is so much more than how someone looks, sounds or, well, orders their burrito.Or, you know, chuck it all and go with the opposite! "So whether sticking to your own type or stealing from others, find inspiration below for your go at answering "What kind of bride am a wedding.

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It's a great piece, but maybe you're longing for something a bit more specific to Remember the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment from your days in career prep or as a summer camp counselor participating in "team-building training?Types: ENFP, INFJ, INFP, ENFJ Idealists are romantics. Your best bet for a love match is someone who is honest, dedicated and understands how much (and how seriously) you’re willing to give.

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