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09-Mar-2020 04:58

After reading many guides on how to do it with Intel chipsets with home-made registry entries and copying files around…

Installing the driver manually as a “dummy” effectively does all that for you anyway! The guide at the top was the closest that I found to succeeding, and put me on the right track!

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Symptoms: After changing the security settings of a wireless router or access point, a Windows machine is unable to connect to the wireless network.3) Yes, already connected, browse to the bottom, hit “add a new device” 4) No, point it to the directory of your SATA drivers 5) Choose your driver from the list that returns.(Mine was the n Vidia SATA controller) 6) Uninstall other standard IDE controllers.7) Reboot and enter your BIOS Change to AHCI mode 9) Boot to Windows… 11) Go to Device Manager and then uninstall the AHCI controller that you installed (there will be two or more now, but you want to get rid of the one with the exclamation mark) 12) Success!

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which finds the *ACTUAL* AHCI controller, and installs the same driver as what you chose in step 5. That was a *LOT* easier than what I thought it would.You can do that without reinstalling your Windows XP.

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