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The gun apparently jammed and the would be assassin ran off down Broadway and disappeared into the night.By the time police and paramedics arrived on the scene, Snow Miser had lost a great deal of blood and was unconscious.Citizen journalists are you, me, frankly anyone, anywhere who has a mobile phone and is present at the scene of an event.No longer do we have to rely on CNN, Fox News, BBC, or any other major source of information to arrive on these scene because innocent bystanders are seamlessly everywhere, mobile phone in hand, intuitively switching their phones to ‘record’ when something happens near them worth documenting.The consequences could be incredibly dangerous, our greatest source of trustworthy news, our network of peers, would suddenly no longer be as powerful.If you yourself are interested in preparing yourself to be a citizen journalist in case the moment presents itself in front of you, here is what you can do to: Shoot, Edit, Share.“Citizen journalism refers to any type of news gathering and reporting — writing and publishing articles about a newsworthy topic, or posting photographs or video of a newsworthy event — that is done by members of the general public rather than the professional news agencies commonly referred to as “mainstream media.” – How Stuff The widespread accessibility to document video, photo, audio, and text, through a number of devices but specifically your mobile phone, has made being a Citizen Journalist easier then ever.

It can be argued that without Twitter and Citizen Journalists ‘Tweeting’ the events/ arranging where to meet, the demonstration would not have grown to the size of almost 30,000 members.

According to witnesses, the Winter Warlock was shot twice in the chest upon exiting an ice cream parlor in downtown Bangor.

Details as to the extent of his injuries are sketchy at this time, but we do know that Snow Miser has been rushed to Eastern Maine Medical Center for emergency surgery.

What all these events had in common was that citizen journalists were not only able to document and share their own personal experiences of the injustice occurring aroung them, but through the tools of social media, they were able to communicate and organize themselves in what many would argue would have been unprecedented numbers if it hadn’t been for social media.

Citizen Journalists are growing at a rapid rate and even major news sources like CNN are attempting to acknowledge and benefit from this with their #ireport."I've been in the city three years and dated girls who are legitimate models, and that gets old," said Mr. Louis School of Medicine The Ivy Plus Society (TIPS) brings together young alumni from a select group of schools to create a community of talented, dynamic individuals.