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02-Jan-2020 08:48

In April 2015, Sanders announced that he was seeking the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party.

This longtime independent made the party switch largely out of political necessity.

He grew up in Brooklyn as the youngest of two sons of Jewish immigrants from Poland. As part of a struggling working-class family, Sanders recognized early on America's economic disparity.

As he told the Sanders attended Brooklyn's James Madison High School and then went on to Brooklyn College.

As a self-described "democratic socialist," he managed to defeat Tarrant despite the latter's much more substantial funding.

As Sanders explained to Outspoken on the issues, Sanders criticized both parties whenever he felt they were in the wrong.He was a member of the Congress of Racial Equality, also known as CORE.With CORE, Sanders participated in a sit-in against the segregation of off-campus housing in 1962.He worked a number of jobs, including filmmaker and freelance writer, psychiatric aide, and teaching low-income children through Head Start, while his interest in politics grew.

During the Vietnam War, Sanders had applied for conscientious objector status.

After a year there, he transferred to the University of Chicago.