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Consequently, according to his theory, the temples were so placed that on the day settled on the calendar as the birthday and feast day of the god the rays of the rising sun fell along the axis of the temple and thus also on his statue.

This theory suffers, however, from the fatal uncertainty as to the date the day of dedication fell on.

It was also customary to select the highest spot in a city, the acropolis, as the general,preference at that time was for high, open spaces.

Further the kind of divinity had also influence on the choice of the spot: thus Zeus preferred the heights, Mars the marketplaces, Hercules the gymnasium, others, the fortified castle, the gates of the city, the plain.

The beginnings of stone temples among the Germans probably go back to the first Christian centuries and are attributable to the influence of their neighbors, the Gauls.

When new temples were built precincts already consecrated to the divinity were preferably chosen.

The Latin form, templum , from which the English temple is derived, originally signified an uncovered area marked off by boundaries; especially the place marked off by the augurs to be excepted from all profane uses.

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