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Castle built in early 1900's,which was never completed due to the death of the builder's wife. On many nights, a light can be seen in the uppermost windows of the castle, said to be the ghost of Mrs. This is because the school made changes the Complex so it wouldn't look like an reverse "swastika." This place was a nice ski resort which opened in the late 1950s.

In the 60s/70s, several people were crushed/dismembered in a lift accident, a little boy drowned in the pond at the base, and a janitor in the chalet was shot in the head executioner-style by the two people who robbed the place for ,000. Reported white figures in the road, people walking with ski-equipment, man following you in the chalet, little boy screaming, your car stalls at the base of the hill and you see white faces in the rear window.

This was featured on unsolved mysteries and is the topic of books, and a movie called a place in the sun.

In the early 1900s Grace Brown was drowned by her fiance, Chester Gilette. Reports say that they have tried to pull the string on a light and they feel a cold hand, see her drowning, or see apparitions at the lake..

The site of GE in Selkirk used to be the Becker farm. The original farm house is still intact and was occupied on and off with offices until March of 2004.

There had been many stories from employees on what they had seen or heard. Becker caught his wife having sex with one of the slaves.

A spirit of a dog can also be sometimes heard and seen. It was once an old house, and then renovated to a hair stylist, it also has been reported by several people to have been at one time a secret illegal meth production house that was shut down.

Spirit has been felt standing behind people and in some cases breathing down their necks behind them or being lightly touched or pushed. Some workers refuse to go down there by themselves.

There are also motion detectors and intrusion alarms.Books will mysteriously fall off of shelves and it will be the book that you were looking for.

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