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As a 13-year-old, she performed in theatre in London’s West End, initially under the stage name Jean Carr.

She met her husband, Josef Ramart, an Austrian actor, on the set of Caravan.

As we approach a vote on the UK's membership of the European Union, we look at what 50 writers, actors, historians, artists and comedians have said about Europe and its nations.

In a rambling farmhouse called Frog Hollow, among the baked-earth fields of rural Connecticut, lives a single mother of 13 children.

He said that Kent had been injured in a fall at her home in the Suffolk village of Westhorpe on Thursday.

She was taken by ambulance to West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds, where she died early yesterday.

It was here that Farrow forged her role in the public eye; her portrayal of the waiflike Allison Mac Kenzie turned her into a national icon. Sinatra flew Farrow on his private jet to Palm Springs for the weekend and a year later they were married.

Michael Thornton, the writer and biographer, who met Farrow during this time, recalls that she was “very intelligent, tremendously attractive and underrated. The unlikely pairing didn’t go down well: the couple became the butt of jokes by the comedian Jackie Mason (who stopped after three bullets were fired through his hotel room door), while others mocked Sinatra’s latest choice of wife.

Kent was born in Brixton, south London, in 1921, the only child of variety performers Norman Field and Nina Norre.

This week, she is back in the public eye after a long absence, having revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair that her son Ronan, her only biological child with Allen, may, in fact, be the son of Sinatra.