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07-Jan-2020 18:57

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After about 30 seconds, she began to grind against me. There was a hot neighbor at the party and I thought of how good it would feel if I fucked her on it. " She begged, wrapping her arms around me and holding on very tight.

I walked through the kitchen, I could hear her bare feet against the tiled floor. She closed the door behind us as I walked over to one of her lounge chairs. She whispered as I took off my shorts and sat on the chair. She looked up at her house, more-so at the windows. I grabbed her, pulled her close, and began to kiss her. her lips, her teeth and I even sucked on her tongue. "Honey, I'll do anything but fuck you out here, Michael will see us if he looks out the window." She cried. We were once outside hanging out in her backyard at a big family function and I was lounging in a sweet chair, admiring how comfy it was. At one point she got a bit too loud and I took a cushion and placed it over her face.

"C'mon, Mary told me how good you are." She revealed, almost in a begging voice.

I hate to admit it, but already she did it better than my wife. This slut was licking my shaft, using her hands on my balls and even moaning like she was enjoying it. I grabbed her face, pulled her up to me and screamed at her in a low tone, "I'm going to cum in your mouth you fucking whore!

"Tell me about it." she said as she glanced up at me. When a bitch moans while she's sucking you off, you know she digs it. With each bob, she was taking my 9 inches deeper and deeper. "Yes you mother fucking slut, take your daddy's dick deep! She moaned even louder, slid her mouth off my dick and gagged a bit. " She just stared at me as I opened her mouth and spit in it!

When we first met about 12 years ago I thought she was sexy, but after getting to know her, she turned me off with her shit attitude. As she realized she had no chance of breaking free, (I thought for a second she gave up trying to pull away) she said, 'Ok, but just massage my shoulders', "Sure, not a problem" as I smiled at her. "Yeah I want it, and I'm going to get it." She reached up again and lunged for my rock-hard rod sticking out just inches from her face.

But for some reason, watching her stretch, I had feelings of paying her back for being such a bitch all these years. I let her go, as she passed me I could smell her perfume; she walked over to the futon and sat sideways as I followed her and sat behind her. "But we're going to do this the way I want." I explained. 'I don't care honey, I need that dick', as she placed her hands on it while I stood and watched her.

But wait, before you hit your back button, you need to read this. First I was searching for this kind of forum on the net to post this unbelievable story. At about midnight, everyone agreed it was getting late and we had three kids in the house who were going to be up early. This babe is someone who if you saw her, you would want to fuck her. "Don't fight this, I know you can use a massage" I protested. She asked as she spread her legs and began to touch herself.

Same old bullshit, a couple of beers here and some leftover pizza there. In black tights, you can just imagine hot it looks. At about AM I walked upstairs and into their computer room. After five minutes, she said, "Thank you, it feels better." She pulled away, I looked at her and said, 'I saw you stretching your legs tonight, legs hurt too? I'm going to help you." She looked at me and tried to walk past me towards the door, that was wide open. She also told my wife he has the smallest dick she has ever seen; ouch! I ran my tongue around her mouth, licking her teeth, lips and all the while, she was moaning like a dog in heat. I pulled away from her and turned her around and sat her down on the computer chair.

I watched her plop down on the futon and said, "Me niether". After a few moments of silence, she said, 'My fucking neck is killin' me'. "Yes, been taking pills for a week, I'm sick of taking them." "Maybe you need to get a massage? "I'm going tomorrow, the guy is supposed to be the best." I looked at her some more - for the first time in ten years I had a sexual feel about her. If she tells my wife, I will deny it, my wife knows how much I hate the bitch anyways. I don't know where this came from but it came out of my mouth, "Lie the fuck down, I'm going to give you the best massage on your legs you've ever had! Staring at her body while faced down on the bed I said to her, "I'm better than a pro", as I began to massage the back of her leg with both my hands. " She asked sounding concerned about my wife would think. " I said, as I ran my hands very slow up and down her right hamstring. I could see her eyes closed from the light of the computer screen. Her PJ's were paper thin so I thought I would push my luck. (I'm 6'3' 225) Face to face, we were now staring in each other's eyes. Something happened last night that will be added to the next story (: A little background on all involved - I already told you about my sister in-law, her husband though is a wimp. I had seen her with sandals on in the past but never thought of her feet.

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