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John Paul Mitchell Systems, known as Paul Mitchell, was founded by John Paul De Joria and Paul Mitchell in 1980.The new company was created to support the success of hairdressers and provide luxury hair care at an affordable price.All this school is, is a place for the owners to make money.

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It got to the point that I no longer asked for help from certain teachers because i was afraid they may ruin my clients hair.Reply I attend the pmts school in fresno, and I am very disappointed that a school with such a “good” reputation can be so awful! There are so many things wrong here the list is endless!But I’ll go ahead and name a few: *No nail tech, when the demand at this school to learn acrylic nails is very high.AND then I had my photo taken front and back where the ears down was not even touched.

Taking credit for that was wrong, and now they want to still do the cut, and put blonde highlights on top.They are never around and only there when they have MEETINGS, the financial aid department is a mess too, she doesn’t do what she’s supposed to and never has time for anyone.