Updating hosts file is not working

13-Dec-2019 07:25

For instance: If installing ansible from a package manager, the latest should be present in /etc/ansible, possibly as a ”.rpmnew” file (or other) as appropriate in the case of updates.If you have installed from pip or from source, however, you may want to create this file in order to override default settings in Ansible.this issue happens usually when you're working on Win Vista/7 with UAC turned on.*** on Win8 you can't just edit the file and save it on it's original location. later replace the original file with the new one you saved on the desktop using the file explorer's Copy-Paste.Using modules when possible over arbitrary shell commands can lead to more reliable and consistent playbook runs, and also easier to maintain playbooks: Connections plugin permit to extend the channel used by ansible to transport commands and files.

These placeholder values, along with the situations which can lead Ansible to report a template as changed when they are used, are listed below: Controls whether callback plugins are loaded when running /usr/bin/ansible. ** if you get "access denied" errors when trying to save the file, try openning the file using "Run as Administrator". Double-click the hosts file and choose to open using Notepad when you're asked.The default is very very conservative: New in 1.6, the ‘gathering’ setting controls the default policy of facts gathering (variables discovered about remote systems).

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The value ‘implicit’ is the default, which means that the fact cache will be ignored and facts will be gathered per play unless ‘gather_facts: False’ is set.This may be used to log activity from the command line, send notifications, and so on.