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Steiner, and were created using a photo-multigraph or 'trick mirror' technique. Shaw in Atlantic City, New Jersey during the early 1890s.It is created by placing the sitter between two mirrors which are angled to produce four reflections of the subject.As it exposed a person's face from every angle, the photo-multigraph was touted as a system which would enable the person to see themselves as others see them.By the 1920s this piece of equipment was perceived to be a common novelty attraction, particularly at the seaside, the arcade and broadwalk photo studios throughout America and Europe.Some are hilarious, others painful, and others will just cause amazement at how they were captured.See the Transformation of a Fresh-Faced Man Into a Soldier Young American soldier George Camblair is the subject of this photo series, which was captured back in 1942. This Macro Photography Shows a New World Beneath Our Feet There is a stunning world beneath our feet that's difficult to see.

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If Skype doesn’t work well on your devices, or you just don’t like it, this guide will provide you with some of the best free Skype alternatives.In consideration for his services, Dad received several thick yellow pads of complimentary passes good for free admissions to ride the AVALON.Though he was always given more passes than we ever used in a year’s time, our family took advantage of the tickets and made several cruises annually.See pictures of a historic home in each US state, and find out more about them.

DIY: Learn How to Make 12 Amazing Items From Cement!In fact, many onlookers, would often part with a dollar and a half, or two dollars for a half dozen of these unusual five-in-one portraits.