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17-Apr-2020 23:50

What follow are a dozen things most people don’t know about SLS Las Vegas. Seven of these shops are listed on the SLS Las Vegas Web site and can be found pretty easily just by roaming the resort.

One shop, however, isn’t listed on the SLS Web site and it’s not easy to find. Inside this store, which does have an actual name, “Play,” you’ll find a variety of saucy attire and accessories to make your Las Vegas vacation unforgettable.

This is actually a pretty sweet 3-D animation, but you’d never know it unless you’re viewing it from a specific place in the casino.

To get the most from this video segment, view it from just inside the casino’s main entrance, the one with the lighted floor and mirrored ceiling.

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You can’t miss it because there’s an eye-catching video screen hovering above it. It looks like this if you approach Center Bar from the sides.

Dana Carvey seems as relaxed doing stand-up as Garth in Wayne’s basement, with his great character voices from the Church Lady to Donald Trump.