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By being married and filing jointly, the 0,000 earner reduces his/her bracket to the 25% rate, receiving a "marriage bonus" for a net tax savings of 4, while the nonearner goes from the 10% bracket to the 25% bracket on the first dollars earned upon entering the workforce.

It can be shown that it is mathematically impossible for a tax system to have all of (a) marginal tax rates that increase with income, (b) joint filing with income splitting for married couples, and (c) combined tax bills that are unaffected by two people's marital status.

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A different person, who has, for example, ,000 in charitable contributions, would be better off itemizing his deductions since the standard deduction is ,100 (single, 2013 tax year).

If the two people are allowed to file separate tax returns, then each can claim the deduction policy that benefits them the most, and their total combined deduction would be ,100 (,100 ,000).

But at the higher end of the tax schedule, there is a penalty for a married couple whose incomes are similar, compared to what they would pay as singles.

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There is also a marriage bonus that applies in other cases.On the other hand, being married can result in less tax.If one person earns twice the sum of the standard deduction and the personal exemption (so he earns around ,000 a year) and the other earns nothing, the wage earner would pay around 5% of his total income as tax as a single, but as a couple their taxable income would be zero so they would pay no tax.Multiple factors are involved, but in general, in the current U. system, single-income married couples usually benefit from filing as a married couple (similar to so-called income splitting), while dual-income married couples are often penalized.

The percentage of couples affected has varied over the years, depending on shifts in tax rates.

Two single people filing separate returns can each choose the deduction policy that benefits them more, but a married couple filing a single return will both be forced to use the same method.

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