Updating maps on magellan maestro

12-Mar-2020 00:03

I am afraid that, currently we do not have any Map update for RM 800. Therefore, we request that you wait for the Map update.

If you have registered your unit with our website, you will receive a notification about the Map update release.

Going to have to keep an eye on my credit card for double billing. I'll probably be lucky to be updated by January, they already have my money. Must be a hell of a long shift a I am still waiting. I would have expected it would be something in 2007.... How old are the Garmin maps by then time they are updated on the units? Says he will have to talk to his help desk and get back to me ........ The problem is the map software automatically detects the serial number, but it drops the leading “0″ and makes it a 12 digit serial number instead of 13. Dom, I received a map DVD and autorization code, but have been unable to get it to work.

Hopefully they will process this faster than they mad the update available. I inputted the discount number and it took off the until I hit order continuation. They can't take my patience, they already took that a long time ago. I put in a trouble ticket on their system and got a reply.... I'm wondering why Garmin customers are always so pissy about having to pay per update when other companies -MAGELLAN are chargin more. do people think that the survey companies do not need to be paid? You can not modify the serial number, it is detected by the software. I just got my 800 update and the code did not work either. I tried to install the maps, but the software will not accept my authorization code.

I have to wait for 50 miles before I input my destination so it does not keep telling me to turn around.

For the longest time (many months) the Magellan website has been promising the update for the Roadmate 760 to be available in "early July," which naturally has come and passed. Question: Is it worth it to pay another for an update for an outdated GPS unit, when you don't even know if the updates will benefit you, or should one just buy a more up-to-date GPS instead? then they said check to check on-line on October 15th.