Carbon potassium argon dating

10-Apr-2020 05:06

Dating techniques are procedures used by scientists to determine the age of an object or a series of events.The two main types of dating methods are relative and absolute.With sensitive instrumentation, this range can be extended to 70,000 years.

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Stratigraphy: Study of layers of rocks or the objects embedded within those layers.Since certain species of animals existed on Earth at specific times in history, the fossils or remains of such animals embedded within those successive layers of rock also help scientists determine the age of the layers.Similarly, pollen grains released by seed-bearing plants became fossilized in rock layers.Before the advent of absolute dating methods in the twentieth century, nearly all dating was relative.

The main relative dating method is stratigraphy (pronounced stra-TI-gra-fee), which is the study of layers of rocks or the objects embedded within those layers.If a certain kind of pollen is found in an archaeological site, scientists can check when the plant that produced that pollen lived to determine the relative age of the site.

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