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The box causes vis to keep the faces on the outside which would normally be thrown away. Worst case, is that putting a box around the level will usually cause an extra 40-80% more lightmaps to be created than necessary. (also sexually) AND GET YOUR BITCH ASS ON VENT MOTHERFUCKER!

Barring having a box, the other cause is large maps. Using -chop values larger than the default 64 for will cause the lightmaps to be larger. No, it's not bound arc bad, or anywhere close to it.

This means a texture with scale of 2, will have at best 1/4th as many patches as a texture with a scale of 1.

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I've forgotten all my Linux know-how so I restart this time with a flatmate's keyboard plugged in. Conclusion: I find that sometimes I hate computers.

While I respect it insofar as Ishida and Orihime are around as witnesses, and Ulquiorra is probably right in that Orihime is not coming out of this mentally unscathed, this is a point that I've identified where the series has gone off the rails a bit.

I’m talking here about unhealthy, eating-disorder induced weight loss – that gives women a sickly appearance that natural skinniness doesn’t have.) I should also mention Well knowing that men prefer a little fat on bones than “just bones” is sad. “You’re an athlete, you pretty sure eat really healthy”. I gain weight but in the numbers, not on the outside, I never become fatter even though the numbers on the scale have increased. And the boys by this age start “looking at girls” and I know many that have body shamed some girls I know.… continue reading »

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Online dating has jumped among adults under age 25 as well as those in their late 50s and early 60s.… continue reading »

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The fair opens at 10.30am (9.30am for early bird tickets) and closes at 4.00pm. A good selection of food and drink available to purchase on site. Cliftonville jewellery and antique fair The Firle Vintage Fair, with a minimum of 130 stalls from 10am to 5 pm, will feature a unique range of pretty decorative antique furniture & home-ware, gardenia and vintage ephemera. There will be a selection of items including jewellery, ceramics, books, quirky items, collectables and items of worth and note. Our aim is to organise antique fairs with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere whilst raising funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care. … continue reading »

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