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14-May-2020 23:37

Docker image - it's a standard Zabbix agent with Docker/host/systemd/socket/stress metrics support, which can be used with any Zabbix server.

Tested on Core OS, RHEL, Cent OS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Boot2docker, Photon OS.

To use the script generate_version_patch you do NOT have to prepare your database as described in the README file.

But you have to manually follow the version of your database already upgraded to.

You'll need to comment or uncomment the database you would like to use.

In example from above, the postgresql database is used.

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This is a community maintained attempt at providing incremental database patches. Incremental upgrades have been tested for Open SUSE 11.3, Cent OS 5.5, Free BSD 8.1, Slackware-current and Debian 6.0.3.

Ideas about monitoring of dockerized apps: Please feel free to create a pull request for other Docker orchestration tools: AWS ECS, Docker Swarm, Mesos/Marathon, Cloud Foundry, Core OS Fleet, Azure ACS, Nomad, Zenoss Control Center, ...

3rd party projects: docker-dockbix-agent-xxl.service Created symlink from /etc/systemd/system/ to /usr/lib/systemd/system/docker-dockbix-agent-xxl.service.

No standard rpm/deb package installation or Zabbix module compilation.

Just start dockbix-agent-xxl container and Docker container metrics will be collected from the Docker daemon API or cgroups.1) Start database container for Dockbix: docker run \ -d \ --name dockbix \ -p \ -p 100051 \ -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \ --link dockbix-db:\ --env="ZS_DBHost=dockbix.db" \ --env="ZS_DBUser=zabbix" \ --env="ZS_DBPassword=my_password" \ --env="XXL_zapix=true" \ --env="XXL_grapher=true" \ monitoringartist/dockbix-xxl:latest Please visit Docbix Agent XXL project and read README for more details.

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