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10-Mar-2020 14:43

A little distance from swiping and checking can bring a refreshing sense of perspective and inner balance.Patience is an essential ingredient for staying sane in the twisted universe of repetitive dating.The two keys to online dating are learning how to play the dating game and knowing when it's time to shift gears and pull back to regain your sanity.A properly timed pause from online dating can recharge your soul, elevate your mood, ground you and give you time to make changes to your dating strategy.You want to be in the right mindset to when you meet new people.Be careful with the fantasy that meeting the right person will take you out of your depression.The world of online dating can be a painful and unforgiving place, especially when you're not in the right mindset.

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Pausing your dating accounts can give you a chance to empty your stress tank and take better care of yourself.Physical attraction is, of course, essential as the initial glue that bonds you together.