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27-Feb-2020 02:47

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The plane broke apart in midair, six miles above the earth. But he began applying the same quiet compulsiveness that he had channelled into the Dave Archives to the larger riddle of the bombing.

After the plane ascended to thirty thousand feet, an electronic timer activated an explosive device hidden inside a Toshiba radio in the luggage hold, and a lump of Semtex detonated, shearing open the fuselage. For years, Dornstein said little to his friends or family about Lockerbie or about his brother.(Of related interest is our list of the annotations in Oxford's Bible.) In addition, Nelson has also made available new evidence of the relationship between Shakespeare and Sir George Buc, the Master of Revels from 1610 to 1622.

When going to meet someone in person, it helps to suggest you both bring along a friend.… continue reading »

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