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Mastery also takes into account the timing of notes being play. The only song elementary enough for me to play it in master mode was the Magic Wands one : 110%.

This is why you will see some postings on Rocksmith Buddy that are over 100% mastery. Blitzkrieg Bop for example, says I have a 105.9% mastery. Mastery also takes into account the timing of notes being play. That suggests to me that master mode is the easiest way to get above 100%; but there are a few others where I have a little over and I know I haven't played them in master mode.

It really really depends what spec you are and which legendaries you have.

If you are Fury then haste will always be more valuable than mastery unless you are using Soul of the Battlelord.

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Pretty sure Mastery is just the percentage of the total number of notes in the song that you got when you played it on a given play-through.Yes, you have way too much haste and no where near enough mastery.

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