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Circumscribed as we are by the elements of the spatial and the temporal — festivals can assist us in ‘making sense of time’ while discerning the high moments of the yearly round.

In each case it can be a profitable exercise for the teacher to ask himself why he is using it (a festival) in his particular way, and what are his motives in so doing.

Many aspects of producing a document as complex as the Shap Calendar of Religious Festivals are simply repetitive: the same festivals are included year after year; letters are written to the same individuals and organisations each January; the descriptive material is polished or updated occasionally, but by and large it then continues in what becomes a standard format; the dates and so the positions they take in relation to each other vary since many traditions use a lunar base for their celebrations, and so a major cut and paste operation is called for on the word processor, but the process is basically repeated as in previous years; copy is sent to the printer and proofs are checked for both Calendar and wall chart; complimentary copies are sent to the same people and organisations year by year; much is the same every time.

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In all cases, I have tried to describe the festival or its principle observances from the point of view of a respectful outsider. At the same time though, I have not referred to Krishna as the Lord Krishna or the Bible as the Holy Bible.Back to top , carried an article that listed a selection of religious festivals from a number of different religious traditions.