Half life dating problems

12-Feb-2020 15:32

But when the scale of give-and-take starts to tip over, one partner will start to feel drained and annoyed.

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I was very protective of my friend, and I always wanted to see her happy. I spent months saving up to buy her a perfect birthday gift, and I even dumped boyfriends if she was in a slump and wanted me to spend more time with her every day. I was over the moon for her and gave her a lot of space to spend time with her steady boyfriend.

It was truly unconditional love, and I didn’t have any expectations from her. At times, I even spent nights at another friend’s place just so my best friend could get some quality time alone with her boyfriend.

A few months into her relationship and I couldn’t recognize my best friend anymore.

Well, she looked the same, but her behavior completely changed.

She stopped calling me over the phone, and would ignore me even if I was sitting in the same room with her.

She would snap at me for no reason at all, and she wanted a lot of space to herself.

But when the care and concern is one sided, the relationship could start to turn bitter and take a worse turn.Relationships works best only when love and affection is exchanged in equal measures.If you ever feel like you’re the one who’s doing all the giving while a friend or a lover is only taking you for granted or using you, back away from the relationship.It feels good, doesn’t it, when you can truly love someone wholeheartedly?

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When you’re in a close friendship or a budding romance, it feels good to care about someone.

” She still expected me to do all the pampering, the cooking and the taking care of her, and she even wanted me to buy her things, but she wouldn’t do anything in return for me. And all I wanted from her was to spend half an hour talking to me every day. And in one conversation, she even went as far as accusing me of being jealous because she’s happier than me!